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Dr.Suresh H Advani
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Dr. (Prof.) Suresh H.Advani

MD, FICP, FNAMS, Ex. Professor & Chief, Department of Medical Oncology TMH-Mumbai. Director and Senior most Consultant at Dept. of Medical Oncology in Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, SL Raheja Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, Reliance Foundation Hospital & Shusrut Hospital at Mumbai .

Since 1974, I have been involved with Medical Oncology/Haematology along with strong interaction with other clinical branches and basic scientists. At present, my strong interest is to develop developmental therapeutics with the clinical research program. This will have integrated projects involving all the branches of clinical oncology as well as potential basic research. Also, I have started biological therapeutics targeting various molecular targets on cancer cells. I have been a pioneer in establishing Bone Marrow Transplantation set up in India.

I have been involved with about 648 National and International Publications. I have played an important role in establishing D.M. Medical Oncology (Mumbai University) at Tata Memorial Hospital. I am also recognized as an M.Sc. and Ph.D. Guide in Applied Biology. From infancy, now our department has entered into modern Medical and Paediatric Oncology with full infrastructure including Bone Marrow Transplantation, Haematology Laboratory, Flow Cytometer, Cytogenetic and Molecular Laboratory. Day Care Chemotherapy Unit and Patient Counselling Groups. I have been the Chief Investigator for the Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Project supported by the National Cancer Institute, Washington, and the Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia Project supported by the Department of Science and Technology.

Recently I have embarked upon the project of writing a syllabus along with a teaching manual for the DM Medical Oncology Course in association with the Indian Medical and Paediatric Oncology Association. I have established a new Medical Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplantation at Jaslok Hospital. We have also started the Helping Hand Charitable Organisation to help our patients financially and psychologically. Last 5 years my involvement has shifted to Breast Cancer. We have started Mobile mammography project in Greater Mumbai for early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Apart from this, I am involved with a Multinational Clinical trial with respect to Breast cancer. At our Hospital, we have also started a Hospital database for Breast cancer. At our hospital, we see approximately 30-50 patients with breast cancer newly diagnosed every month.


  • MD (General Medicine), Bombay University.
  • Fellow, Indian College of Physicians (FICP).
  • Member, National Academy of Medical Sciences (MNAMS).
  • Fellow, National Academy of Medical Sciences (FNAMS).


  • Assistant Medical Oncologist, Tata Memorial Hospital (1974 - 1980).
  • Medical Oncologist, Tata Memorial Hospital (1980 - 1985).
  • Professor and Chief, Department of Medical Oncology Tata Memorial Hospital (1985 -2002).
  • Director, Department of Medical Oncology, Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre (2002 Till Date).


  • International Cancer Research Technology Transfer (ICRETT) by the International Union Against Cancer and visited the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre, Seattle, Washington, USA to have experience in the bone marrow transplantation procedure and medical oncology, for 4 weeks in June 1981.
  • Fellowship of Yamagiwa-Yoshida Memorial International Cancer Study Grant of the International Union Against Cancer (UICC), 1986.


  • President, Indian Society of Oncology, 1999-2000.
  • President, Medical and Paediatric Oncology Society from 1991-1994.
  • Secretary, Indian Journal of Haematology and Blood Transfusion 1986-1988.
  • Member, Editorial Board of Journal of Association of Physicians of India (API).
  • Editor, Indian Journal of Haematology & Blood Transfusion since 1993.
  • President, Indian Society of Medical & Paediatric Oncology (1991-1995).
  • Member, Editorial Board of Paediatric Haematology oncology since 1993. (Published from Norway).
  • Recognized Teacher from M.Sc and Ph.D. (Applied Biology) of the University of Bombay.
  • Recognized Teacher for DM in Medical Oncology of the University of Bombay.
  • Examiner for DM (Medical Oncology) of Madras, Bangalore, and Gujarat University.
  • Member, Indian Advisory Committee -Lady Tata Memorial Trust.
  • Member, Editorial Board of Indian Journal of Experimental Biology.
  • Honorary Editor, Asian Cancer: Published by Excerpta Medica Hong Kong.
  • Member, Editorial Board of Cancer, Research Therapy and Control. (G & B Editorial Services, Inc).
  • Member, Editorial Board of ONCOSPHERE  (Communicore).
  • Member, Editorial Board of Cancer, Research Therapy and Control. (G & B Editorial Services, Inc.).
  • Member, Editorial Board of ONCOLOGYFORUM, an Asian journal of cancer care, Hongkong, representing India.
  • Member, Indian Society of Organ Transplantation.
  • Member, Indian cancer Registry (ICMR).
  • Member, Managing Committee, Mahavir Sthan Nyas Samiti, Patna.
  • Advisory, Advisory Council of Asian Journal of Cancer.


  • “PADMA BHUSHAN” by Government of India (2012).
  • The Baroda Sun Life Time Achievement Award. Bank of Baroda (2008).
  • Dr. Ch. Ganesha Memorial Oration Award (2008).
  • Dr. B.C. Roy National Award.
  • Medical Council of India (2005).
  • Nazli Gad-el-Mawla Award (2005) INCTR.
  • Lifetime Achievement in Oncology (2005).
  • Harvard Medical International.
  • Gifted Teacher Award (2004).
  • The Association of Physicians of India.
  • Dr. M.A. Panawala Oration ( 2003).
  • Indian Medical Association, North East Bombay Suburban Branch.
  • Dr. K.M. Bhansali Memorial Oration Award (2003)Dr. D.K. Gosavi Oration Award (2003)Dhanvantari Award (2002).
  • PHO Oration Award (2002).
  • “PADMA SHRI” by Government of India (2002).
  • Dr. M.S. Ramakrishnan Memorial Endowment Oration Award (2002).
  • Dr. H.M. Bhatia Memorial Oration Award.


  • Multidrug Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Osteosarcoma.
  • Taxol & Carboplatin Combination in Stage III-A, III-B, and IV Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
  • Germ Cell Tumor in Children: Long Term Evaluation.
  • Drug Discovery Programme (Collaborative with UDCT).
  • Familial Cancer Study.
  • Concurrent Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy in Head & Neck Cancer.
  • Neoadjuvant and Concurrent Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Treatment in Cervical Cancer.
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