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RxCancer FAQ

Ques. What is RxCancer?
Ans. RxCancer is a unit of Online Second Opinion (OSO) private limited company, provides online second opinion to cancer patients by single Oncologist, Group of Oncologist or doctor (Tumor Board) from one of the best oncologist of India.
Ques. When to use RxCancer services?
Ans.When the patient or anyone known to the user of website is diagnosed with any cancer and they want to get second opinion from the best cancer specialist of India, they can use our RxCancer services.
Ques. Who are the experts?
Ans. RxCancer has the team of highly experienced oncologist from various apex hospitals and research institute of India. The founder director of RxCancer, Dr. Arvind Kumar is trained from AIIMS Delhi.
Ques. What are the benefits of using RxCancer services?
Ans.Through RxCancer user can avail the facility of second opinion and its other online services like tumor board, audio/video calls, second opinion from few of senior most oncologist of India (Talk to Stalwarts) from any remote location of India and thus reducing the extra burden of expenses and travelling on the family.
Ques. How to initiate the process?
Ans. On visiting user has to register and select one of the four (4) services. For any clarification or help user can contact to our customer care executives.
Ques. What documents are needed & how?
Ans. In order to get services from our doctors, user need to upload all the medical reports and provide all the details of the patients that are required during the registration process. User can also mail their all the medical reports if they find any difficulties in uploading the documents after contacting to our technical experts.
Ques. Will I get treatment for the cancer along with doses and schedules of the drugs?
Ans. All the information or suggestion provided here are just to educate, acknowledge, provide adequate information about the patient’s Cancer/disease to the patient or user. In any way this does not establish the Doctor patient relationship. We don’t diagnose, treat that this treatment one should take, however you could incorporate the modalities of treatment, or drugs as suggested by our experts in your treatment plan only after discussion and approval from your primary treating oncologist who routinely examines you clinically. Patient treatment will be decided by the doctor who examines him/her in clinic or Hospital in person physically because the exact drugs and doses can be suitably advised only when a doctor examines a patient physically. Hence one is always advised to be in touch with his / her oncologist in physical for treatment decision or execution. The company or its any employ will not be responsible for any ill effects or death arising from the treatment if followed as this platform is only to educate you regarding the latest guideline based suggestion as per the information given. The diagnosis and treatment is to be followed only after physical examination of patients.
Ques. How the information/data provided by the user is protected?
Ans. All the information/data that is provided by the user along with the medical history of any patient is stored in safe and secure cloud server. For more details how we handle information/data please refer our privacy policy contained on

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