Story Behind the Thought

Patients attendant often travels thousand of miles for second opinion. We would serve to bring the same second opinion at finger click.

What we serve?

Expert online second opinion, facility for cancer patient attendant to talk to our expert, suggestion for better cancer centre and diagnostic tests.

why choose us?

We have a Team of highly qualified Oncologist from Prestigious Institute like AIIMS Delhi, TMH Mumbai to clarify the doubts of our cancer patients. Our team also have some of the stalwarts of Oncology from India like Dr. S.H. Advani and Dr. Vinod Raina to help you.

Your life in Good Hands.

Cancer affects family not the patient alone. We would work to bring the best available Doctor and further latest guideline-based Cancer treatment plan and options that the patient may discuss with his/her primary Oncologist. Our online opinion or expert talk will never depict, denote or dictate that this treatment need to be followed. Treatment options will be suggested as per reports available but final Treatment of a cancer patient or any patient is to be only done by Doctor who examines the patients physically.

Construction Process Organized.

This is Era of Internet. Our vision is that a Cancer patient in remote village of India could avail best available treatment options from the stalwarts in the field of Cancer from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and so on. We would also provide unbiased suggestions regarding better cancer Hospital and Diagnostics all over India.

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